2018 Volcano Response

To date, WINGS has raised over $75,000 from generous donors around the globe. Thank you for your trust in us. In addition to managing these funds, we continue our work to provide reproductive health education and services to youth, women, and men across Guatemala. Because of you WINGS significantly surpassed the initial fundraising goal, and now feel it is time to begin winding down this effort. We feel it important to be transparent and honest and inform our donors that as of August 4 all future contributions made via this page will be marked as unrestricted donations and will support WINGS’ mission-driven programs. If anyone still wishes to donate to volcano response efforts, please contact us directly and we will share the names of trustworthy organizations. If you'd like to donate to our daily work, please visit https://wingsguate.giv.sh/7c8e.

UPDATE AUGUST 1: Fuego Volcano erupted on June 3 near Alotenango, Guatemala. Volcanic rock and ash reached as far as 25 miles away, completely burying communities closest to the volcano. All WINGS medical staff and administrative personel are safe.

WINGS' initial response was to provide support to the families of our Volunteer Health Promoter and Youth Leader who lived in the area.

To date, the Government has put the official number of deaths at 161, and 197 missing. But these numbers are misleading and not complete. Non-governmental data from institutions and people working directly with affected families at Ground Zero estimate the number of dead at approximately 250, with some 750-1500 missing and still buried under 10 feet of sand and ash. The human tragedy is grave and still unfolding.

WINGS is working with other local NGOs to help coordinate efforts and identify needs. We have committed funds to help in three efforts:

  1. The building of showers for a new large-scale shelter in Escuintla that will serve as temporary housing for those who have been living in makeshift shelters. We feel that hygiene will be one of the top concerns as families move through this facility.
  2. WINGS, along with several other organizations, is partnering with TECHO, an NGO working to provide short-term modular housing for families of the Los Lotes and El Rodeo communities whose homes were completely destroyed and whose communities have been deemed uninhabitable.
  3. In the long-term, a new village will be established with families from the communities that are not able to rebuild. All infrastructure will be necessary - houses and schools are being donated by other generous entities. WINGS is committed to helping fund the construction of a health clinic that will eventually serve the new community.